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UHA Patients

Stuart Lerner, MD

Family Medicine & Holistic Medicine located in Kailua, HI

Dear UHA Patient,

As you are aware, UHA terminated our group as well as other groups from their network, because we protested their systematic withholding of  (stealing) money owed to us for medical services we provided. There currently is legal action against them.

Despite their actions, we would still love to continue caring for you and your families in the office. You can easily do so even if we are out of network. You do not have to choose another physician as they are suggesting. You can come to the office as usual. The only thing different is that we would ask you to pay upfront for visits, between $30 and $140 with a credit card. You would then get reimbursed, usually within 2 weeks of the visit, (between $30 and $140 for telephone, telehealth, or in-person visits) directly from UHA. Your insurance will still cover you! You may still owe approximately $25 as a co-pay or the difference between our regular office visit and UHA's reimbursement. You may possibly get some money back to see the doctor!

We will continue to handle the billing if you use your insurance, so do not be scared of the CMS billing forms UHA may send you. Feel free to throw away their billing forms as we will continue to do the insurance billing for you as previously.

For those who cannot or prefer not to lay out money for a visit, which gets reimbursed to you, we propose the following simple solution. For all visits including telephone, telehealth, or in-person visits, we are asking you to sign a form stating that you will assign to us the reimbursement you would have received from UHA. UHA would then reimburse our office as in the past when we were in the network.

Please sign this form and return it to the office if you wish to use this alternative plan. It sounds complicated but takes laying money out of the picture, just as if we were in a network.


Dr. Lerner