Weight Loss

Stuart Lerner, MD

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Ask about our new weight loss options!

We have new and exciting medical help for weight loss.

We offer new medicines including weekly injection treatments that can help you lose weight. Losing 10 pounds safely and easily in 1 month is very common! There are new FDA approved medications for weight loss and diabetes that accelerate weight loss. The results are astounding. One patient lost 9 pounds in one week. The mechanisms are multifactorial: appetite suppression, increased metabolism and insulin sensitivity...

There are clinically proven results of 10-20% weight loss in a year. Most patients are seeing results in the first week!

This is on top of our “standard” medication / diet program which works quite well.

If you are stuck at a certain weight, diet and exercise haven't worked, and you want to see quick and safe results, come in for an evaluation. Most medicines: Mounjaro, Wegovy, Ozempic, and Trulicity, are usually covered with insurance.

Let’s get your weight down, improve your functioning, self esteem, and risk of illness. Call for an appointment.

Separately, if you struggle with weight, you may have a hormonal problem that actually prevents you from losing weight, even if you exercise!. Most physicians do not test for this. This can be easily fixed with hormone balancing and possibly medications. We make easy to follow programs that help patients, from young otherwise healthy people to older cardiac patients. Collectively in our practice, patients have lost approximately 850 lb in the last 2 years, many without even exercising. (But we do recommend exercise if you can.) If you would like results, come to Dr. Lerner for weight-related medical services. Find the right solution by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone today.