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Corona Virus and Telehealth


Corona Virus and Telehealth Appointments

As we are starting to see an increase in Corona virus cases in Hawaii, efforts will be aimed at avoiding potential spread to other patients and staff in the office. We have begun offering Telehealth or video chat visits by smartphone. If you would like to come in for your usual in person office visit for a blood pressure check, refills, flu, hospital followup etc. Please know, IT IS SAFE! However,

If you have traveled on a plane outside Hawaii, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE OFFICE! Instead go to Castle Hospital for testing.

  • If you are not sure if you should come in, just call the office to set up a telephone facetime visit so we can assess you from home or even the hallway if you are here outside our door.
  • If you schedule a ‘Telehealth’ visit, you will be able to have a face to face visit with Dr Lerner or PA Johansen from your home using your smart phone or computer. The staff will give you an approximate time we will call back. (If the office gets busy with walk-in patients, we may call you back later than the scheduled time). Please be flexible and patient as we develop this new appointment model.
  • Otherwise, keep yourself safe. Avoid crowds. Wear a mask in public and stay 6 feet away from others.
  • If you touch a public surface, wash your hands with soap and water or use a sanitizer.
  • Drink warm water every 15 minutes. This may make the potential virus less able to infect you.
  • Do no touch your face or shake hands.

This will prevent a potential virus from entering your body. Use virtual elbow bumps!

Lastly if you are worried about loved ones or contacts, be safe. And know that even if you are exposed, the likelihood of a serious illness from Corona is still very low, but more than the regular flu. We will soon be able to test non-traveling patients for Corona virus in the office.


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